San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map SDH3 Bonus Sunday Hash    Sunday, December 1, 2013 10:00am
The Dungeons and Dragons EPIC QUEST Hash
Hare(s): Shire Shagger, May I Please Juggle Your Balls?, Deep Space 69, Get Out of My Sister
Location: B St and 33rd St, San Diego, CA
Directions: TBD
Run Fee: Nine dollars, one dollar for virgins
Trail type: A to Z
Dog friendly: On In Only
Polish your codpiece and load up on as much Mountain Dew as your inevitable early-onset diabetes will allow... because it is time to head out upon an EPIC QUEST, hashing-style.

This Dungeon and Dragons-themed hash will whisk you off to a magical world where the women run wild, predators lurk around every corner, and drinks flow endlessly. Okay, fine, so its sort of like a normal hash... but there will be challenging quests, dragons, armor, knights, and maybe a Level 4 Giant Space Beaver.

So climb out of your parentís basement on an early Sunday morning and see if you can defeat the devilish Dungeon Masterís challenge of... (cue adventure music)... HASHERS AND DRAGONS: THE QUEST FOR BREWTOPIA.

--Like all good Dungeon and Dragons Adventures, you will need a party of fellow warriors to succeed in the quest. Parties must be 3 to 5 hashers, with 1 being someone capable of running a normal Eagle loop. Weíll put a team together if you donít have one, but there will be notable prizes for the team with the best overall DnD outfit.
--There will be challenges along the trail, testing the quickness of your mind, the strength of your body, and heartiness of your liver. In other words, one out of three isnít so bad.
--There will be lots of prizes for best themes and act of courage (true fact: nudity is courageous)
--A secret prize will be on trail. It will be an artifact of GREAT POWER giving the wielder magical powers that will astound hashers far and wide.
--Trail is not dog friendly. Sorry. On In is okay for dogs.
--Trail is A to Z, but we will provide plenty of rides back to cars ASAP.
--A long afternoon of extensive boozing and silly games will be waiting for you.

Proudly Brought to You by Team "Was Too Busy Filling Out Dark Elf Character Stat Sheets to Lose Virginity Before 21"

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