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San Diego
San Diego Hash  Every Friday night and every other Sunday morning   Friday, January 24, 2014 6:30pm
Amazeballs: The (unauthorized) Self-Parody
Hare(s): Team Amazeballs
Location: Casa de Dogfish (8586 Menkar Rd)
Directions: From the 15 go west on Mira Mesa Blvd, North on Westonhill, then left on Menkar. Look for hashers
Run Fee: $9.00 ($1.00 for virgins)
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: On In Only
Larrikins MM is haring Friday for SDH3!
SDH3 MM is haring monday for Larrikins!

Is it the Apocalypse...or something sexier?

Come find out as Team Amazeballs kicks off this joint clusterfuck with a fun and relatively easy romp through Mira Mesa.

There will be a turkey/eagle split. The Turkey is about 4 miles and the eagle is less than 6 miles. The eagles might get wet on trail but BOTH groups need flashlights simply because it 'gets late earlier' in the winter.

There will be two beerchecks for the eagles and one for the turkeys. Yes, that sucks for the turkeys, but put up with more of our shenanigans so we feel they deserve more.

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