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Hare of the Dog
Hare of the Dog Hash    Saturday, February 15, 2014 10:00am
SD to San Elijo 26 mi. Bike Hash
Hare(s): Double Bag It and Haleys Cockit
Location: Waterfront Little Italy
Directions: Google it
Run Fee: byo
Trail type: A to Z
Dog friendly: No
Ride starts at the Waterfront just up the road from the Coaster Station in Downtown. You can start at the beginning or join at any point along the way. You can drop off at any point along the way. The FB event will be updated with arrival and departure times from each stop.

10am start time allows for anyone to catch the earliest ride south on the Coaster, arriving in Downtown by 9:40am. If you miss the first ride on the coaster, you miss the pack, so don't be late.

Planned Route:
First stop is the High Dive at mile 6
The homerun at mile 13
Pizza Port at mile 21
San Elijo campground at mile 26

Estimated total ride time including stops is 3 - 4 hours. Catch the Coaster back from Encinitas Station (3mi north) to start for $5.50 for all three zones. RT from Encinitas to SD and back is $11.00.

On After at The Kraken for drinking and dancing if you don't have to catch the coaster back. i.e., drive to Encinitas Station, catch a one-way to SD at 8:53am (don't be late). Ride back to your car anytime you want.

Note: last ride back south on the Coaster is 5:32pm from Encinitas Station. Full Coaster Schedule here:

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