San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map Really South OC Pick Up Hash    Thursday, January 1, 2015 2:00pm
48 Cans To Freedom, Or, It's All Great With A 48 In The 92008
Hare(s): You, then maybe you, then perhaps even you
Location: Casa de Captain Jerk, Lewis Ln @ Knowles, Carlsbad, COTU, 92008
Directions: Exit 5 at Carlsbad Vlg Dr. Go toward big blue wet thing. Right on Jefferson. A few blocks to Knowles, go right. Park on Lewis and LFH.
Google Maps:
Run Fee: $0.00, but bring a snack to share
Pre-lube: Same place... knock back some of Costco's finest beforehand.
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Yes
My nephews and niece bought me a 48-pack of Costco's Kirkland Light, proudly brewed by the Regal Brau Brewing Co of Monroe, WI. Our mission is to empty all 48 cans, either as pre-r*n beers, as beer checks, or during circle.

Standard pick-up rules apply: Hare chosen entirely randomly at 2:02pm and takes off at 2:09pm. Pack gives hare 5 minutes; you snare the hare and you are the hare. Hare will also carry 12 Kirkland Lights to create 2 beer checks.

Circle to follow with Festivus Airing Of Grievances. And nobody leaves until we've killed the Kirkland.

Dogs fine, but please keep them in the yard.

Questions -- contact CJ. On~ON!

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