San Diego Area Run Start
 Show Map Really South OC Pick UP Hash    Sunday, January 18, 2015 8:30am
Serve our Carlsbad Marathon / Half Marathon R*cist R*nners Beer!
Hare(s): You, and you, and you
Location: Come cheer on our friends r*nning the Carlsbad Marathon (like SitStaySquirt), and r*nning the Carlsbad Half, like several of you.
And how do we cheer? With beer!
If you have to ask...

Cheer 'n' Beer station is at the SE corner of Knowles and Jefferson, at about 12 miles into the half and about 25 miles into the full. 8:30 AM start means we'll catch the marathoners r*nning a 3:10 or so race, and we'll catch the halfie FRB's.

It's an out-n-back course, so show up at 6:15A to watch the Kenyans take off, and at 7:45A to watch the half-Kenyans blaze by.
Directions: See map link above. To avoid road closures, exit 5 at Las Flores and go west. Go left at Tuttle (just past 5 South onramp and probably just before the road closure barricade), left on Buena Vista, then right on Knowles.

Park on Knowles, or Lewis... and on Lewis you'll find our pre-lube :)
Google Maps:
Run Fee: $0, but please bring a few cheap beers to hand out, and maybe a few good ones for the rest of us...
Pre-lube: Captain Jerk's house, Lewis Ln. Look for the arrows
Trail type: A to A
On after: CJ's house, or Pizza Port, or...
Dog friendly: Yes
Pre-lube @ CJ's at 8A, then we'll get set up to start handing out beers around 8:30. On-ON!

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