San Diego Area Run Start
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Humpin Hash  Every Sunday afternoon.   Sunday, July 30, 2017 2:00pm
Speedo's Neu Jeado Run
Hare(s): Speedophile, Intercourse with a Horse of course, Pumpkin, and Downward Becky
Address: De Anze Cove parking lot
Directions: Look north (towards Winterfell or Canada for you non-GoT muggles) from the De Anza Cove parking lot and you will see a gold course driving range. We will be meeting along that road. Use the compass in your will guide you!
Run Fee: $7 Doll Hairs
Trail type: A to A
On after: De Anza Cove bonfires - might require someone to claim the stake early and miss circle but I have heard that some peep holes want to play all night long at the water. Bring your own things to BBQ. Beware - there is NO ALCOHOL allowed on the beach. There, I said it.
Dog friendly: Yes
After more than 100 (or just 4) suggestions, I have finally caved in and decided to create a Jeado Run. Yes, everyone should wear a Speedo and you should most definitely try to wear a Jeans Speedo. No one will be turned away of course, but everyone wearing a JEADO will be recognized for standing apart from the everyday mundane speedo wearing hasher. This hash is most definitely going to be at the beach for most of it and it will most definitely attract the attention of all the muggles so be prepared to strut your stuff (AKA clean up all the spiders that are crawling out of your speedos) and have some fun! RAs better start their little whispers to Gispert to make sure the weather is good and warm.

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