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Larrikins Hash  Every Monday night.   Monday, March 5, 2018 6:30pm
Larrikins' Throw Down Hash, 2018
Hare(s): Clit-101, Bleeding Hash Hole, and selected half minds
Address: 1475 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
Directions: Larrikins’ Throw Down 2018 at Brick Bar

The March Hare requested a half-mind or three venture down into the rabbit hole on March 5 and volunteer to lay a shitty trail for fellow Larrikins’ hashers. Cannot outsmart the March Hare! All of you wanks are now thrown into the hare pool. March 5 is gonna totally suck and y’all are gonna love it! Cum join California Larrikins’ for our own version of a throw-down hash.

Here is how it goes:
--Three people will win the hare pool. All three will have a drink off. The slowest drinkers will hare! You two will carry a backpack(or three) with twenty or more beers, chalk, and five pounds of flour. You will get a five minute head start (no walking start) and will try to run as much as you can before you set down your packs, open up a brew, and wait for the pack to join you at your hopefully delightful drink check. You will wait for the pack to arrive. First two hashers at first drink check get to hare the next leg. All checks are holding checks until one backpack of beer is gone. We will give the new hares four minutes to lead. Maybe they’ll take us a half mile, maybe they’ll take us a mile….but they had better find us a nice place to sip our brew. Next hares only get three minutes…After the third drink check, we all run back to the run start for continued debauchery.
--Donations to the beer checks are encouraged! IF you see a liquor store, stop and buy a handle!!
--But wait! What if I lose the hare pool and I really want to lead trail? Challenge the winner to a drink off! You and your race-ist buddies can steal the lead.
--What other craziness should I expect? Debaucherous Providers will be randomly selected for this event and are responsible for encouraging Larrikins’ to be, well, Larrikins’.
--Circle will be run by our GMs and RAs with the assistance of our Debaucherous Providers.
--We will have a few experienced throw-down hashers to make sure we don’t totally suck.

*Please know that the the biggest thing that Throw Down is about is keeping the pack together. We are all race-ist bastards, but we make sure everyone gets fucked up together. And F’ing volunteer to hare on April 16, 23, or 30th!
Run Fee: $4
Trail type: A to A
Dog friendly: Trail Only

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